New Review: WASDv2 Mechanical Keyboard

November 1, 2015   wasdv2   reviews

When I built this site I roughed in some things I wanted to review right away, including the new keyboard. I wasn't going to do the writeup just yet, but I had to troubleshoot the RSS/IFTTT setup and decided I might as well knock out the review and see what a natural "write/build/deploy" setup would do once I'd fixed things.

Oh, the review?

I really, really missed my old mechanical keyboards. I like more tactile feedback, I like a little sound, and I like the physical heft. At the same time, you can't spend a few weeks reading keyboard reviews and not come to the conclusion that people are acting out about how seriously they take them.

Moving back to a home office was hard in some ways, and I went out of my way to work on it this time around. I'd backed into the setup I had last time, and it never felt as comfortable as it could be. This time, I ordered the kind of desk I've always wanted and got a good chair I expect to last for a while. I took some time to arrange and decorate, paid attention to the lighting, and put things in it that would help make me happy in here.

The keyboard is a big part of my experience each day. It helps to have one I like to use, and it helps to be able to sit down to my desk with a genuine sense of appreciation for the workspace I've set up.

The WASD is on the expensive end, along with a bunch of other keyboards that are "serious," but not "gamer serious" (which involves lots of backlit keys and special function buttons). There are keyboards that would have provided similar typing, I just didn't like them as much when it came to looking at them or getting them to integrate well with my setup.

So, it's a bit of a splurge. I just expect it to last a long time, and I expect to enjoy it a lot over time. If I ever end up in a normal office situation again, I expect I'll order another one to the same specs.

Here's the whole review.

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