About This Site

This is a site about things and tools. I started it because I wanted to have a place to put reviews about things that were written for the long haul. I want to expand it over time to include more stuff about tools in general.

I also started this site so I could play around with web publishing stuff besides WordPress. It currently runs Middleman, which gives me a mix of a static site generator along with templating and logic I can stand (courtesy Ruby and HAML).

About These Reviews

"It arrived today, and so far it's great …"

I love good reviews. I read as many as I can find, sometimes several times over, going back and forth between them to figure out what I'm getting into (and sometimes deciding nothing sounds good enough to bother with).

I love it when someone writes about a thing after using it for a while. I don't mean a week or even a month. I love it when someone has been using something for six months or a year. Those reviews are gold, and they're rare. People, I guess, just like to let other people know about their neat new thing. Once the thing is part of their life (or once they've decided they hate it and have quietly gotten rid of it), they aren't as interested in talking about it. I do it, too.

I'd like to help fix that by being more mindful of how I write about or review things, so I'm carving out some space to post what I'm calling "long haul reviews." I'll write up initial thoughts about things, give them a few months, then come back with a followup, then maybe come back again even later.

There's just me, so it's not like there will be a ton of these things. I do, however, buy stuff from time to time, so there'll be a few.

The Scoring System

This is pretty simple: The longer I own something, the stronger we can consider the review. Here's a key:

Credibility Length of Ownership </thead>
Very Little 0-30 days </tr>
Low 1-6 months </tr>
Some 6-12 months </tr>
High 12+ months </tr> </tbody> </table>

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