New reviews: Headset, 12" Retina MacBook

October 31, 2015   reviews   macbook_12   plantronics_c310

Ed asked me if I'd ever get around to adding an RSS feed, so I did. I hooked it up to IFTTT, so if you're a Twitter type you can just look there for automated updates. If you're one of those people who still uses an RSS reader, well, there ya go.

I've added a pair of reviews over the past week.

The Plantronics C310 headset review is short and to the point and it's making me wonder about whether I need to open up a second content type beyond "reviews" that lets me log small purchases that don't warrant a ton of verbiage then come back once they break (or go six months or a year without breaking).

The 12" Retina MacBook review is sort of funny, because it comes out so qualified. Like, I like the machine a lot. I'm pleased to take it with me. The screen and weight are just right for how I want to use it, but I can tell I'm still coming to terms with the fact that the machine feels like a bunch of very carefully weighted compromises that cause it to teeter on the edge of utility. It's simply not a machine I could see buying for myself: I could press an iPad into service to do the writing bits (or to play games), and I want something closer to a MacBook Pro or an iMac for a desktop machine.

Honestly, I think it comes down to whether I could balance an iPad with a keyboard on my lap comfortably, and then enjoy using the keyboard. I haven't found something that lets me do that (but I've come close, and I'll review that rig at some point). So if someone else wants to pay for a sort of underpowered MacBook that does, well, my expense report cleared and I'm happy.

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