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November 2, 2015   meta

I added a changelog for reviews today. I'd meant to get around to this at some point in the future, when I revisited a review for an update at six months or a year, but someone reminded me of a thing I left out of the WASD review so I made the update and added the feature.

It was pretty easy to implement. I added a hash to the review metadata:

  2015-10-31: "Fixed some typos"
  2015-11-01: "Updated to mention the wrist rest"

… then wrote a partial:

- if 
        Updates to This Review
      - do |date,entry|
        = entry
          = date.strftime("%B %d, %Y")

// No idea what's going on with the indentation.
// Close your eyes and imagine this is
// HAML that would compile.

You can see it in the sidebar of any review that's had an entry added (which would be the WASD review at this point).

I thought about doing it by reading Git logs – something I implemented with the docs decomposer – but that would require a level of git hygiene I'm not sure I'm up for. I could have used Middleman's site data stuff to work something out, too. Seemed easier to just keep a log within the review files along with all the other metadata.

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