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The Felt Sporte at 1,200 Miles

June 21, 2016       felt_sporte

This morning marked an interesting sort of milestone.

With the Bike More Challenge out of the way for the year, I don't really have any reason to record my rides:

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A Few More Notes on the Felt Sporte

April 24, 2016       felt_sporte

Looks like I've put about 350 miles on my Felt Sporte since I brought it home a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few more things I can say about it:

It wasn't a cheap purchase, which Alison and I acknowledged going in, and about which she said, "well...

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Giving My Commute Some (Electrical) Help

April 11, 2016       felt_sporte

When I first learned about electric bikes, I was skeptical and didn't really approve. I'd been buzzed by people riding them, which was nervewracking, and I didn't understand how they worked.

I was also trying to make a go of regular bike commuting...

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